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Sunday, July 22, 2018


Snowmobile Trail Closing

Please be advised that there will be a partial snowmobile trail closing at Sinnemahoning State Park

Lake dredging operations that are underway at Sinnemahoning State Park/George B. Stevenson Dam in Cameron County will impact the section of snowmobile trail from the bottom of Brook’s Run Road to Mill Run/Goss Road area.

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Reminder To Confirm Your Registration

  As I monitor the website I have noticed recently some have signed up but are not going back to your Email and confirming their registration. You need to do this to enjoy the full benefits of our website. Remember registering on the site does not cost you a dime.

If you have registered Recently CHECK YOUR E-MAIL  and confirm your registration. It is easy to do.


Endangered Trails

   I had posted here.   About the connector trail in Costello being open again this year after a long closure. Well I had to remove that post due to the fact the land owner had a change of heart (as of 1/1/15) and has decided not to let us reopen it again. So has of now we still have to cross the bridge along 872 to the Tannery, around the Tannery north along First Fork Rd to the trail. Remember that this trail is a endangered trail and the Speed limit is 15 mph on this trail from the Tannery to the intersection of Southwoods Rd. Failure to keep the speed down could result in trail closure.  If this trail gets shut down there will be no way to go north out of Costello to get to Coudy or State Forest land to Cherry Springs area.

   In Wharton the trail that goes from The Twp. building to the bridge. Please also ride with caution. 15 MPH. Stay along the fence on the Route 872 side. We have changed the corner to take out the sharp bend and stop the tearing up of the gentleman's yard. Last year conditions were poor there and everyone kept riding in the mud and tore up the yard around the corner. This to will have NO SNOW NO GO SIGNS POSTED THERE.

   One last reminder. Riding is a privilege not a right on personal property. Abuse could result in trail closures.

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